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Now May Be The Right Time To Try Plant-Based Eggs

I must admit that I did not see this coming! Plant-based eggs cost less than eggs from a chicken. We have definitely entered a new era of inflated prices! Look on the bright side, now may be best time to ditch unhealthy meats and over-priced eggs. Dairy has gotten a bad reputation for years. Sadly, most (not all) eggs have traces of antibiotics, dyes, hormones, steroids, and salmonella. Long-term exposure to these unwanted additives has caused a flurry of digestive diseases and other gastrointestinal ailments. There is a huge demand for healthier meat alternatives and non-dairy options, which is why the market has exploded with new non-dairy products like cheese, ice cream, nut milks, margarine, and egg products.

I have been eating plant-based eggs for years now. However, I am here to tell you that all the plant-based eggs on the market are not the same. There are plenty of great egg alternatives on the market that taste great, and can be used to make your favorite home-made recipes. However, there are some clear winners that stand out. Here are my top five plant-based egg choices to try at home.

First Place - Just Egg

Just Egg is my all-time favorite plant-based egg replacement that hits all the marks for cooking, baking, and frittata making. This plant-based formula cooks just like eggs and is made from mung beans, which is a great source of protein. Check the back of the bottle to see how much to use as a replacement for eggs when baking and cooking.

Second Place - Vegg

Vegg has a great texture. Also, this brand offers several options including a French toast mix and vegan egg yolk. Unfortunately, this brand is not widely available. I had to order this brand online to try it out.

Third Place – Simply Eggless

Simply Eggless uses lupin beans as their primary protein base for their plant-based eggs. Lupin beans have been around for many years. Some lupin beans are sweet, and some are bitter. I like this brand for making scrambled eggs and omelets. Unfortunately, this brand does not do well as an egg replacement for baking or making French toast. You will find this brand at your local Trader Joe’s.

Fourth Place – Hodo Vegan Egg Scramble

I love Hodo’s tofu for my stir-fried meals. I have tried their ready-made vegan egg scramble and it taste good with my own herbs and spices. However, this brand is not as versatile for baking and cooking. Also, a lot of local stores do not carry this product. I did find this product at Mom’s Organic Market. This egg replacement is primarily made of soy beans, soy milk, and nutritional yeast.

I really love all the Follow Your Heart products and have their cheese and mayo fully stocked in my fridge. However, their vegan egg replacement uses soymilk powder, black salt, and nutritional yeast as a base. They get an A for packaging. However, this powder-based mixture did not work well for me. You really need to use ice cold water to get this powder-based mixture to scramble like eggs. I think this brand is a great option for Vegans who are camping. Unfortunately, I had to toss this brand in the trash. If you try VeganEgg, I suggest putting water in the freezer and use it just before it gets solid. You will also need to whisk generously before adding the mixture to a pan for cooking.

Plant-based eggs are a viable option to eggs with some great nutritional benefits. Especially, if they are made from real plant-based protein. Sadly, plant-based eggs are processed with stabilizers, additives, and some use salt as a preservative. Whatever you decide, make sure that you review the ingredient list and choose a egg alternative that works for you and your health goals.

Be well.

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