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Yoga Interventions for Cancer Patients
and Survivors 

I am proud to be an advocate for people who have cancer and cancer survivors. I am a member of the Society for Integrative Oncology and certified to teach yoga to survivors of Cancer. Yoga is one of the integrative and holistic tools used to help cancer patients and survivors thrive while seeking radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

The Yoga4Cancer (Y4C) training is a specialized yoga methodology that is tailored to address the specific physical and emotional needs that a person undergoing cancer treatment experiences. ​A vigorous yoga practice can help people diagnosed with cancer learn how to manage their breath, take control of their condition, and manage their stress levels while seeking treatment. In addition, exercise and yoga is an effective way to help counteract cancer-related fatigue and swelling from lymphedema.

Check out some of the evidence-based research (below)  that supports exercise and yoga for people undergoing cancer treatment.


Yoga Interventions for Cancer Patients and Survivors

Yoga for Improving Health-Related Quality of Life, Mental Health and Cancer-Related Symptoms in Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

ASCO Endorses Integrative Therapies which include Yoga, Meditation, and Acupuncture to relieve side effects of Cancer Treatment

Adding High-Intensity Interval Training to Conventional Training Modalities: Optimizing Health-Related Outcomes During Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer 

Image by Angiola Harry

Healing from the Inside  Out with Plant-Based Meals

A plant-based diet is associated with so many health benefits. Some of the health advantages of a plant-based diet include reducing the risk of multiple chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, breast and colon cancers. If you have never tried a plant-based diet, it may seem intimidating or even impossible.  That’s why I really like the Let’s Beat Breast Cancer Cookbook, which includes some easy to make and really doable recipes to help boost your immune system.


When you're getting treatment for cancer, you really want to make sure you are not consuming foods that have unwanted hormones, antibiotics, steroids, and foods that can cause inflammation.

Download your a copy of the Let’s Beat Breast Cancer Cookbook, by visiting the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine website and complete the short form to take the four-pronged pledge to beat breast cancer.

Let’s Beat Breast Cancer Cookbook link

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