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My Top Fitness and Health Picks from the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show

So many of us are still working from home since the COVID-19 pandemic. I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for more ways to avoid sitting for long hours at the computer. I keep bands and a yoga mat in my home office to get in some stretching and strength training during the day. I am so excited about Acer’s new Desk-Bike Combo that was featured at this year’s CES. It looks like this desk-bike combo does not take up a lot of space. This at-home exercise option will be available later this year for $1,000.

Self-myofascial relief is so important to keep your body from post-workout soreness, stiffness, and muscle tightness. The Symbodi Vertigun is the first hands-free, mountable massage therapy gun. Imagine having access to a hand-held and wall-mountable massager at home. This new massaging device will truly allow you to relax and let go while also enjoying a self-massage. The Vertigun was designed to resist the weight of a human body and is quiet enough to be used on a household wall. It also offers six speeds (1,200 to 3,200 revolutions per minute), has an 8-hour battery life and provides 13mm of amplitude, which penetrates deep for a massage gun. The Vertigun comes with an airlock mount, a wall adapter, and a carrying case. You can pre-order the hands-free Vertigun for about $400.

Finally, Valencell's over-the-counter fingertip blood pressure monitor, which is pending FDA approval is a real game changer. This new blood pressure device looks like a pulse oximeter, which uses an algorithm that can measure blood pressure patterns without calibration or a cuff. This new device goes over your finger, has a built-in screen that shows diastolic and systolic results, and connects to an app on your phone via Bluetooth technology. Valencell also plans to expand the device and app to include hypertension management. It will then be able to coach users and recommend diet and exercise plans. When Valencell receives FDA approval, the product will be available in doctor’s offices and over the counter for about $99.

Check out the links below to learn more about these new innovative fitness and health products.

The Symbodi Hands-Free Vertigun -

Valencell Blood Pressure Finger-tip Monitor -


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