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Celebrating A Small Milestone

My heart is so full! YOLO Health and Wellness has reached 50 online sales from our WIX and Etsy e-commerce platforms. I never imagined that I would be selling organic and plant-based products this year or any year. However, with so many dangerous and cancerous ingredients in cleaning products and personal products, I honestly believe making my own organic products are an act of survival.

Our skin is our largest organ in our body and what we rub on it gets absorbed and travels through our bloodstream. Yet so many of us don't think twice about how the ingredients we use each day in our favorite skincare products can affect our health. Ingredients really do matter! Make sure you are aware of some of the most common harmful and toxic ingredients like DMDM Hydantoin, Methylene Glycol, and Benzene, which are now included in shampoo, hair conditioner, sun care products, liquid soap, and hand sanitizers.

Thanks so much to all of our online customers and our new friends and customers that we have met at local trade shows.

Be well!

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