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Be Good to Your Skin with Facial Steaming

During the cold weather months my skin gets super dry and parched. One of my monthly self-care rituals are to do a facial steaming. Facial steaming can really help with softening your skin by providing hydration and moisture to your skin, pores, and even your sinus cavity. Facial steaming also provides your skin with the hydration it needs to remain hydrated, plump, and soft. To get the best benefits from facial steaming, you need to make sure you use steam safely.

First, start out with clean skin without any product on your face. Then make sure you keep your face at least five inches or more from the steam. You should only steam your face for no more than 5 to 10 minutes with breaks away from the steam. Here are four more benefits from facial steaming.

1). Adding an organic essential oil like peppermint, eucalyptus, or tea tree, can help open your sinuses and provide relief from congestion

2). Steam can help release blackheads, oil, and other skin impurities

3). Facial steaming can help increase blood flow to your face, which can also help with the process of building collagen and elastin

4). With the extra hydration provided by facial steaming, you will notice that your foundation or tinted moisturizer will absorb better into your skin

If your skin gets dry like mine during the colder months, give facial steaming a try.

Be well!


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