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It’s Time to Ditch the Dryer Sheets for A Natural Alternative

​Are you still using dryer sheets which contain strong synthetic fragrances to freshen your laundry? Not only are these dryer sheets bad for the environment, once the heat activates the synthetic fragrances and fabric softeners, these scents can actually irritate your skin and respiratory system. I love using natural wool dryer balls to dry my laundry. Wool dryer balls help my clothes dry faster, which also saves me money on my electric bill. These balls allow clothes to get dry faster because they are heavier than dryer sheets and they help to separate the fabrics better, which allows air to circulate in the dryer more efficiently.

So, here’s the best part about using wool dryer balls, they can be used over and over for up to 1,000 loads of laundry. Isn’t that amazing? If you really like to have fresh smelling laundry, try adding four to five drops of your favorite pure essential oils to each of your wool dryer balls. You will need to purchase and use about four dryer balls for medium loads and up to six dryer balls for larger loads. Natural wool dryer balls are more expensive than dryer sheets. However, over the long run, you will definitely save money because you will be able to reuse them, save time, and reduce your energy bill. I recommend cleaning your natural dryer balls every three months by adding them in your washing machine and using your gentle or delicate cycle. I simply put them in a net bag that I use for fragile lingerie or you can also add them in an unwanted stocking and tie the end in a knot. I like to add drops of essential oil to each of my dryer balls when I take them out of the washer. I let them air dry, which also helps the oils to penetrate into the dryer balls and they leave my laundry room smelling fresh.

Our skin is the largest organ, so be certain you keep potentially harmful chemicals from absorbing on your skin and possibly irritating your respiratory system. Using naturally made laundry products and wool dryer balls are a great alternative for everyone in your family. This is especially true for babies and family members that may have skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, and dry itchy skin. You can find natural laundry products at Target, Wholefoods, Trader Joe’s and MOM’s Organic Markets.

Yours in health!

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