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Women Continue to Be Unheard and Misdiagnosed

National Women's Health Week Image

Did you know that women are more likely to experience challenges when seeking health care services? Too often doctors do not listen or take women's health concerns seriously. This can cause women to be misdiagnosed or experience a delayed diagnosis. 


Women are also more likely to develop autoimmune diseases, which can occur when the body's immune system attacks the cells. Autoimmune diseases can mimic other diseases, making a formal diagnosis and treatment a lengthy process. Sadly, women are seven times more likely to be sent home from an emergency room with heart attack symptoms. Some healthcare providers still do not realize that women have different symptoms of a heart attack when compared to men.


Take control of your health by never missing annual health screenings. You should never skip your annual well women's exam, dental cleanings, having your blood checked for abnormalities, blood pressure readings, eye exam, and checking your skin for skin cancer. Also, never be afraid to speak up for yourself. Make sure your health care providers listen to your concerns and more importantly, take action and provide you with a referral for a specialist (if needed). If you feel overlooked, get a second opinion. 


You are your best health care advocate. So, start advocating for the care you deserve. When something does not feel right in your body, take actionable steps to get the answers you deserve. Tap the link below to access the Office of Women's Health fact sheet, which is designed to empower you with the knowledge and confidence you need when you visit your health care providers.


Tip sheet to improve your health care visits -


Be well. 


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