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Say goodbye to cracked, rough, and dry paws! Pamper your fur baby’s paws with a natural and botanical formulation.


Our plant-based Fur Baby Balm will help keep your dog's paws in mint condition. Our carefully curated formula will help heal, treat, and nourish your dog's paws. Our plant-based formulation soothes and heals your pet’s paws and keeps them nourished and healthy.

Fur Baby Balm (Lavender Peppermint) - 4 (OZ)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Our Fur Baby Balm was created to provide pet owners with a natural and plant-based solution to smooth, soften, moisturize, and heal dry, damaged, peeling, and cracked paw pads. For the best results, apply just before bedtime. When applying our balm during the day, you can use baby socks on your pet’s paws to avoid slipping on hardwood floors.

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