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If you are still using Little Trees car air refreshers or Febreze vent clip to scent your vehicle, our new essential oil car diffusers will blow your mind. Did you know that long-term exposure to artificial fragrances like those in the Little Trees air refreshers can cause headaches, dizziness, breathing, and other respiratory problems?


Essential oils come from plants and are a much healthier alternative to freshen the air in your vehicle. Our essential oil car diffusers work better and last longer than Febreze vent clips.

Amber and Musk Essential Oil Car Diffuser - 0.236 OZ (7mL)

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  • Our Essential Oil Car Diffusers come pre-filled with 7mL of pure essential oils. Our blends are phthalate-free, free from artificial fragrance, carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other potentially hazardous chemicals that can cause breathing or respiratory problems.


    Amber and Musk – This essential oil blend has a comforting aroma of amber and dark musk.


    This fragrance oil is infused with dark musk, amber, bergamot, vetiver, and saffron oils.

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