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Light our Sugar Plum Fairy holiday candle and enjoy the fragrant aroma of bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, lavender, and cedar essential oils. This festive candle is sure to add a sense of bliss to your holiday festivities. This coconut and soy-blend candle has a sweet and citrus aroma and makes the perfect gift for candle lovers. Our candle is hand-crafted with premium soy and coconut wax, so the candle burns cleanly and evenly, infusing your home with a wonderful holiday scent.


This candle has an eco-friendly, clean-burning, and crackling booster wooden wick, which allows for a clean and long candle burn. A crackling booster wooden wick provides a crackling sound and allows for a fast burn and excellent fragrance throw. For best results, when lighting a crackling booster wooden wick candle for the first time, light the wick where the wax meets the wooden wick and not at the top of the wick.


Reuse or Recycle our Candle Vessel!


Our beautiful glass candle vessel can be repurposed by using a double boiler to melt the remaining wax in the vessel. If you do not have a double boiler, you can use a candle warmer to melt the wax or simply add the candle vessel into a pot of hot water to melt the wax (with the flame off). Then, simply pour the melted wax onto some paper towels before discarding the wax in your trash can. You can also add our glass vessel in the freezer and use a utensil to remove the wax.


You can reuse our beautiful candle vessel to plant succulents or store items like coins, buttons, or even candy. The possibilities are endless!



Sugar Plum Fairy Holiday Candle - (14 OZ, 397 G)

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