We Can Support Climate Change with Diet Change

Climate change is the most significant threat to our environment. What we eat has a direct impact on climate change. Did you know that animal agriculture requires huge amounts of land and water? Also, meat production contributes to an overwhelming level of greenhouse gas emissions? Switching to a plant-based diet and avoiding animal products relieves our planet of the burdens of animal agriculture, a huge contributor to environmental destruction.

Our food system accounts for more than a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions, making animal agriculture one of the largest contributors to climate change. What we eat is important for the health of self and the planet. Challenge yourself and make your next meal a climate conscious choice and go plant-based. Check out some of the plant-based recipes on this site and can check out the EatingWell link below to learn how to make some easy plant-based meals for your family.

Be Well. Stay Healthy. Eat Consciously.

EatingWell Plant-Based Recipes for Beginners


EatingWell. (2020, April). Easy Plant-Based Recipes for Beginners. Retrieved from: http://www.eatingwell.com/gallery/12307/easy-plant-based-recipes-for-beginners/

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