5 Tips for A Healthy Summer During A Pandemic

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Did you know the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause damage to our skin in about 15 minutes during the summer months? Our skin is our largest organ and we really need to add some extra protection to our skin during hot summer days. I only use clean products on my skin like shea butter and coconut oil and highly recommend you only use clean and cruelty-free products on your skin as well. Don’t be fooled in believing darker skin tones do not require protection! Skin cancer is an equal opportunity disease.

Here are my five tips for summer fun and safety.

Be well!

1). Stay Hydrated

During the hot summer months we tend to sweat more and can become dehydrated at a faster rate. If you are going to be out in the hot summer weather, make sure you are properly hydrated or carry some water or an unsweetened beverage in a reusable BPA-free bottle.

My favorite electrolyte replacement that you can drop into your bottle and go is the NUUN Hydration Sports tablets.

2). Protect Your Skin

Everyone should protect their skin from harmful UV rays with a broad spectrum facial lotion and sun block when outdoors for an extended amount of time. It is important to use a facial lotion with a sun protection factor or SPF-30 or even better SPF-50.

My Favorite vegan and clean beauty sun protection product for darker skin tones are Venus Williams’ On The Defense Sunscreen. This product really absorbs well on your skin and does not leave a white chalky look on darker skin tones.

My second favorite brand of sun protection for swimming or hanging at the beach is Wholefoods 365 Organic Sport Lotion Mineral Sunscreen.

3). Protect Your Head and Hair

The hot summer months can be brutal to our hair, especially if you are frequently swimming in a pool. Chlorine takes a toll on our hair and can leave it feeling limp, dry, and dull. Try a clarifying shampoo to remove the chlorine and other hair products before using a deep conditioning treatment, which will help to add moisture back to your tresses. Also, make sure you always wear a hat to protect your head from direct sunlight and excessive heat.

My favorite sports hat to wear for sun protection is the Impulse Cap made by Sunday Afternoons. This vendor is prominently featured on Amazon and they have hats for the entire family.

4). Protect Yourself and Others By Wearing A Mask

My favorite sports mask is hard to get. However, this mask is one of the first masks that I have tried that allows me to be able to exercise and still be able to breathe. Under Armour reportedly designed these masks for athletes in an attempt to get sports back in action.

If you want one, you should order now to get in on the next pre-order by visiting here.

5). Exercise and Stay Active

On very hot and humid days, it can be hard to stay motivated to exercise. In addition, some of us are still not ready to walk back into a gym to exercise with the current COVID-19 respiratory virus. There are plenty of free online exercise programs that you can do in the comfort of your air-conditioned home. Or, you can try walking or running early in the morning before it gets really hot or in the evening, just before the sun goes down. Some of my favorite online workouts come from Les Mills On-Demand, CorePower Yoga and the Nike App.

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