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New Study Finds Pesticide in Oat-Based Cereals

The Environmental Working Group (EWG), posted results from an alarming study on their findings of a pesticide in several very popular oat-based cereals. The EWG commissioned lab tests of 14 oat-based cereals including granola and found alarming amounts of the pesticide chlormequat. Studies conducted on mice exposed to chlormequat demonstrate it can disrupt fetal growth and harm the reproductive system.

The European Union does not allow the use of chlormequat in foods, and neither should you. If you give General Mills Cheerios to your toddler, you may want to find another brand. Check out the EWG investigation to learn what other brands were found to have high concentrations of chlormequat.

Be well!

EWG Investigation of Chlormequat in Oat-Based Products -


Environmental Working Group (EWG). (2023). EWG Dangerous Agricultural Chemical Chlormequat Found in Popular Oat-Based Products. Retrieved from:

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