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We Can Wear Our Lipstick and Stay Safe Too

I don’t know about you but I have not worn much lipstick since March, when we were all forced to stay in our homes and self-quarantine. Unfortunately, lipstick and masks do not work well together. So, I have resorted to wearing lip gloss to keep my lips moist and soft. Sadly, I have found a downside to wearing lip gloss with a surgical mask. The cotton fibers can stick onto your lips and once I am outside of my house, I never touch my face or lips.

But wait! There is some great news! The FDA recently approved a surgical and non-surgical clear face mask. That’s right. If you wear lipstick, you can now get back to adding some beautiful color to your lips.

The ClearMask was designed by several Johns Hopkins University graduate students, to help improve communication, which can be challenging for people who are deaf and depend on reading lips. The surgical ClearMask has been approved by the FDA to be effective in blocking particles and droplets from COVID-19 and other contagious viruses. This new approved mask was also made to prevent fogging, which is great for those of us who wear eyeglasses. You can purchase the masks through one of the company’s approved vendors or from the ClearMask website at

ClearMask, LLC is an American-based medical supply company based in Baltimore, Maryland. The company focuses on improving communication while making connections more human.


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