COVID-19 Outbreaks Raising Alarms as Families Prepare for Thanksgiving

Coronavirus infection rates are INCREASING drastically across the United States. To make matters worse, some hospitals are starting to get overwhelmed again with new COVID-19 patients, who need oxygen and assistance from ventilators to maintain adequate oxygen levels. Medical professionals in North Dakota and Texas are reporting alarming increases of new coronavirus infections and are utilizing make-shift intensive care units.

Medical and infectious disease experts are anticipating a surge of new COVID-19 infections and deaths from asymptomatic virus transmission after the Thanksgiving holiday. However, you can take steps NOW to ensure you and your loved ones are around for next year's holidays and celebrations by CONSISTENTLY wearing a mask, driving to your destination, and getting tested. Furthermore, make certain you allow enough time to receive your results before you leave to visit family and friends. In order to ensure your family gathering does not become a super spreader event, everyone should get tested to confirm they do not have COVID-19. Thankfully, we are so close to having viable vaccines to help all of us get back to a normal semblance of life. However, for now, we all must do our part to control the spread of COVID-19. We must continue to stay vigilant through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year’s holiday, by wearing masks and maintaining social distance in public spaces.

If you are planning to travel for the upcoming holidays, please check out these safety tips from the CDC. Be well. Stay well. Stay vigilant!

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