Safety Tips for Running Outdoors

Before you head out for your next run or jog, make sure you take some precautions to avoid getting injured or targeted by a potential assailant. Unfortunately, females have a higher chance of being attacked while running and more so in an isolated area. In light of the recent news with regard to a young woman who went missing while jogging, I thought it was important to highlight safety while running outdoors.

Here are 15 safety tips to consider to ensure you stay safe while running or jogging outdoors:

1). Never run alone at night or in an isolated area

2). Wear reflective clothing so drivers and other runners will be able to see you

3). Run against traffic to avoid traffic-related accidents

4). Always tell friends and family where you will be running

5). Be aware of your surroundings at all time to avoid falling or tripping

6). Always run on well-traveled and well-lit roads and never take shortcuts through woods

7). If you have a dog take your pooch out with you for some exercise

8). Run with a group or at least one other person

9). Never wear headphones or use your cell phone to play music while you are running. A great playlist may really motivate you while you are running; however, this distraction is not worth your safety. Perpetrators specifically look for people who are distracted.

10). Always have your cellphone fully charged before you go out on a run

11). Remove the lock code from your phone before you go out on a run, to ensure you are able to make a call quickly

12). Always trust your instincts and cross the street or go in a different direction if someone looks suspicious

13). Vary your running routes

14). Stash your photo ID in your pocket just in case an emergency occurs and you are unable to speak

15). Always bring pepper spray or some other personal protection device and know how to use it confidently

In addition to using these 15 safety tips, here are some additional tools and links that you may find useful to help keep you safe while running outdoors. Remember, before you head outdoors to run or jog, use these tools, your common sense, and your intuition to avoid getting injured or hurt. Your health and safety is important!

Shield Women’s Self-Defense Video Clip - Self-Defense Moves You Should Know

The React Mobile™ panic button can help you get help fast. This app works by using GPS to allow your friends and family to track your location in real-time. Also, the panic button can be used to alert the police that you need help.

You can learn more about this app here React Mobile™ Sidekick Wearable Panic Button

Tiger Lady Self-Defense Claw – The TigerLady Claw is specially designed to wear on your dominant hand and works simply by forming a fist to activate the sharp claws.

You can order this small self-defense tool here Tiger Lady Claw.


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