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Turmeric is Also Good for Your Hair

Did you hear the good news? Aveda’s Invati collection has been improved. I love using this product line because of the plant-based ingredients which also includes turmeric. Also, this line supports my lifestyle which includes yoga and Ayurveda. I must admit my issue with the former Invati Scalp Revitalizer was that I often forgot to use the product twice a day. Now, the new improved Invati Advanced Scalp Revitalizer with turmeric can be used once a day to help stop thinning, hair loss due to hormonal changes, tight braids, weaves, and other harmful products that can damage the scalp and hair.

For the first time, I can hardly wait until my current bottles of Invati shampoo, conditioner, and scalp revitalizer products are empty. I am really looking forward to trying out the new and improved Invati Advanced products. I am also very happy to read the new product line will no longer fade my hair color, which we women know can take a lot of time. #LivingAveda #Invati

You can learn more about the new Invati Advanced line here and get 15% off your first purchase.


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